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연소설비   바이오필터 및 스크러버
Category Process Name Client Treatment Method

Latex Manufacturing

Company I


Naphtha Manufacturing Company Y


Extrusion Ÿ Painting Company L Russia RTO
Printing Wrapping Paper Company Y Concentration + RTO
Electronic Materials Company Y Concentration + RTO
Painting Steel Sheet Painting Company D RTO
Steel Pipe Painting Company H Concentration + RTO
Car Painting Company V Concentration + RTO
Home Appliance Components Company L Concentration + RTO
Construction Materials Wallpaper Company H RTO
Battery Manufacturing Battery Test Part Exhaust Company S RTO
Tire Manufacturing Refinement Company H China Concentration + RCO
Refinement Company H Concentration + RCO
Tire Cord Sheet Company H RCO
Tire Cord Sheet Company B RCO
Industrial Materials Canvas Oven Exhaust Company H RTO
High-Gloss Film Company L Concentration + RTO
Car Finishing Materials Company L Concentration + RTO
Lumber Lumber Manufacturing Company H Japan RCO
Electronics LED Materials Company D RTO
Food Manufacturing Cooking Oil Manufacturing Company J RTO
Odor Removal Treatment of Nightsoil and Food Wastes Company D Concentration + RTO
Process Name

Feathers and Intestines Processes

Waste Water Treatment Facility
Drying Sewage Sludge
Recycling of Food Waste
Drying of Sludge from Food Waste Treatment Plants
Incineration of Domestic Wastes
SM Storage Tank
Excreta Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant
Livestock Wastewater Treatment Plant
Leachate Treatment Plant
Incineration of Domestic Wastes
VOCs Treatment
Septic Tank at Trade Center

Car PCM Steel Sheet and Painting for Maintenance


Single Ingredient Feed Treatment Process